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Proof of a syntactic sequent: example


We will prove the following sequent:

"x[Fx"y[GyHxy]], "x[Fx"y[IyHxy]], $xFx |- "x[GxIx]

The counterexample set is

{"x[Fx"y[GyHxy]], "x[Fx"y[IyHxy]], $xFx, "x[GxIx]}

In constructing the tableau we will put in ticks (but remember that they are entirely optional) and line numbers (for ease of reference).




Lines 1-4: these are the members of the counterexample set.

Line 5: from line 4 by the "xj rule. We could have done the $xj rule on line 3 instead; we can't however apply the "xj rule to lines 1 and 2 until we have some designators in the branch.

Line 6: from line 3 by the $xj rule.

Line 7: from line 5 by the $xj rule. (We could have applied the "xj rule to line 1 or 2; but it is sensible usually to make $xj applications first, since they supply new designators from which we can make a choice when using the "xj rule.)

Lines 8-10: We might as well apply these propositional rules while we are about it to simplify things.

Line 11: Application of the "xj rule to line 1. It looks as if using "a" may help, since we have "Fa" in line 6.

Line 12: Using "a" in line 11 did help. Notice that it meant that the left branch closed, and in effect we got ""y[GyHay]" from lines 6 and 11. In general, when we have "j" in one line and "[jy]" in another we can get "y", because when we apply the [jy] rule the left branch closes.

Line 13: this time it looks sensible to use "b", because we have "Gb" in line 8.

Line 14: and we get Hab.

Line 15: We apply the "xj rule to line 2: using "a" seems sensible again, given "Fa" in line 6.

Line 16: and we get ""y[IyHay]"

Line 17: This time using "b" is a good idea, because of the "Ib" in line 10.

Line 18: and we get "Hab"; and the right branch closes as well. Actually we notice that the left hand branch would have closed because of the presence of "Ib" in line 9: so we didn't actually need line 10 at all.


The tableau closes. So the sequent is correct.



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