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Using Russell's theory of descriptions


Of course some occurrences of designators which can't be translated as individual constants can be translated using Russell's method, paying careful attention to scope: (E8), for example ("There is no such thing as the first cow to jump over the moon"); and (E7) ("Buttercup is not Hugh Rice's cow"), in which "Hugh Rice's cow" can't in fact be translated as an individual constant (because there isn't in fact such a thing as Hugh Rice's cow) becomes, using an obvious interpretation,



One could even do something for (E4) (Elizabeth II became the Queen of England in 1952") by paraphrasing it as, "It came to be the case in 1952 that [Elizabeth II was the Queen of England]", and then translating the bit in brackets using Russell's theory of descriptions. But we could not achieve a complete translation.



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