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Exercise 6.1



Using the following interpretation:


Tableau Rules for Identity

Domain: everything in 12 Main Street, Anytown


a: John


b: Mary


Mx: x is a man


Wx: x is a woman


Lxy: x likes y


Hx: x is human

formalise the following:

  (i) There is a least one woman
  (ii) There are at least two women
  (iii) There are at least three women
  (iv) The is at most one woman
  (v) There are at most two women
  (vi) There is exactly one woman
  (vii) There is exactly one woman who likes John
  (viii) Only one person likes both John and Mary.
  (ix) Everyone likes at most one woman who likes only one man.


Using the same interpretation, translate the following into English:


(i) $xMx
  (ii) $x$y[MxMy]
  (iii) $x$y[[MxMy]x=y]
  (iv) "x"y[[MxMy]x=y]
  (v) $x$y[[MxMy]x=y]
  (vi) "x"y[[MxMy]x=y]
  (vii) $x[[WxLxa]$y[[WyLya]x=y]]
  (viii) $x[[WxLxa]$y[Wyx=y]]
  (ix) $x"y[x=yMy]
  (x) $x"y[Myx=y]
  (xi) $x"y[[WyLya]x=y]
  (xii) $x"y[x=yMx]
  (xiii) $x"y[Mxx=y]
  (xiv) "y$x[x=yMx]
  (xv) $x[[Mx "y[WyLyx]]"z[[Mz"u[WuLuz]]z=x]
  (xvi) "x[Mx$y[[WyLxy]"z[[WzLxz]z=y]]]


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