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Exercise 2.4



In each of the following, say whether the second sentence is an acceptable translation of the first. (If it isn't, think of situation in which the sentences would have different truth-values.)
  (i) Mary and Jane are women. [Mary is a woman Jane is a woman].
  (ii) Mary and Jane are friends. [Mary is a friend Jane is a friend].
  (iii) Mary went to visit Jane, who lives next door. [Mary went to visit Jane Jane lives next door].
  (iv) Mary went to visit someone who lives next door. [Mary went to visit someone someone lives next door].
  (v) Mary and John got married and had three children. [Mary and John got married Mary and John had three children].
  (vi) Dumbo is a grey elephant. [Dumbo is an elephant Dumbo is grey].
  (vii) Dumbo is a small elephant. [Dumbo is small Dumbo is an elephant].
  (viii) Dumbo is an elephant, but quite intelligent. [Dumbo is an elephant Dumbo is quite intelligent].
  (ix) Dumbo is a skilful flier. [Dumbo is skilful Dumbo is a flier].




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