This Web site provides, through a range of materials and tools, an introduction to the study of elementary logic covering propositional and predicate calculus. It is hoped that the site may be useful more widely, for anyone who would like to investigate the subject. The material here is intended to be used in conjunction with Wilfrid Hodges' Logic. This text was used for the Introduction to Logic course until 2008, when Hodges' text was replaced with the Logic Manual as set text. These webpages are no longer maintained and appear here as an unsupported resource only.

The materials are structured as a series of eight detailed tutorials, which introduce the main concepts and definitions together with examples and exercises. The tutorials start with the notions of consistency and validity, and proceed to introduce a language and system of proof for propositional logic and for predicate logic. They include a tutorial on designators and a tutorial on relations. The language and system of proof (by means of tableaux, i.e. trees) are those to be found in W. Hodges, Logic, 2nd edition (Penguin, 2001).

Within each tutorial topics have been arranged sequentially, care being taken to provide a reasonable amount of information per page so that study can be undertaken step by step. The site is also designed to aid quick navigation so that relevant materials can be quickly reached from various locations. For instance, there is always available in the lefthand frame a link to an A-Z index, which lists most of the terms covered in the tutorials, and links each to relevant sections of the text.

A special feature of this site is Tableau3, a program to enable students to practise doing tableau (i.e. tree) proofs for propositional and predicate logic. Tableau3 is similar in functionality to a much earlier program, Tableau2, but is written in Java (rather than DOS), and so can run on most computer setups, either over the Web or on a local machine


The Logic Web project has been directed by Hugh Rice at the Faculty of Philosophy.
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