Setting up the System to run Tableau3

The instructions below should help you get up and running with Tableau3.


Tableau3 has been written in Java and in order to run properly has two main requirements: a program that can interpret the Java program (called a Java Runtime Environment) and the ability to display mathematical symbols through the provision of appropriate fonts.

The instructions on this Help Page are designed to provide assistance in getting Tableau3 to work in a selection of environments.

The Java Virtual Machine

In order to run the program you need to have installed a Java Virtual Machine that is able run Java Swing. We recommend an implementation of Sun's Java2, 1.4 or higher, especially if using Windows XP. If your machine has support for Swing, then you should see a box below that reports: "You are successfully running a Swing applet!)

(Technical information on Java Swing is available from Sun's site at:

If your computer does not have support for Java, then if your machine is running Windows 95 or above or UNIX or similar, then you can use Sun's Java Plug-in available at:

If you are using a Mac with OS X, then you should already have Java 2 installed. See: If you have OS8.x or OS9.x, you can use the Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) available at:

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