Two options: Running the program as an Applet or as an Application

There are two versions of Tableau that incorporate the same functionality, but are designed to run in different circumstances. The first option is to use the Applet, so that it runs across the Web. The advantage of this option is that it may work without any installation or configuration, but it means that you need to retain an Internet connection in order to use it. You may also have to download and install a font.

The second option is to use the application version, which requires that you obtain a package and run an installation. As the program is self-contained, you will not need to install any fonts, and subsequently you will not need an Internet connection to run the program, though you will need to be online to consult tutorial materials.

Option 1: Running the program as an Applet

If one or more of the fonts discussed on the previous page displays all the required symbols and you have suitable Java support, then in most cases you should be able to run the applet across the Web without changing your local settings.

Note that in some cases, you may have a font installed on your system that overrides a version of the font that the program is attempting to use. In this case, you are advised to download and install one of the Unicode fonts and try again. If for some reason you are unable to install one of these additional fonts, then you can try instead to run the program as an application.

Option 2: Running the program as an Application

Even though you have fonts installed in your system they may or may not be accessible to the Java applet. If none of the above fonts are available to you, then you will probably need to run Tableau3 as an application.

For users of Windows9x,ME,NT4 and 2000, you can download an installation file containing the Tableau3 application from here (when clicking on the link select 'Save this program to disk'). Once you've downloaded the file, simply run it to install Tableau3 on your system. Tableau3 should then appear in the Windows Start menu (under Programs) or you can locate tableau3.bat in the installation directory and run that directly.

[Additional setup packages will be provided for Linux and Mac soon.]

If you continue to have problems, then please email us (at with as much information as possible about your system set-up as you can (Operating system, web browser version if using the applet, names of suitable fonts installed, details of any software you have downloaded as part of the installation process).

If you are using a machine in college, you may need to ask your IT officer for help, or for permission to download and install any additional software needed to run the applet.

For people running the program as an applet (i.e. within a web browser), then if you find that you have difficulty in seeing all of the applet's working area, you may wish to run your browser in full screen mode. This is possible in Internet Explorer by choosing View, and then Full Screen from the drop down menu that will appear.

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