Introduction to Logic

The Introduction to Logic Project is a joint project between Hugh Rice,
Faculty of Philosophy, and the Academic Computing Development Team,
both at the University of Oxford. The idea for the site was suggested to the
ACDT by Hugh Rice after the ACDT issued a call for project proposals, and
it was subsequently chosen for development during 2001.

A number of people have been involved in the project at various stages:

Academic content and guidance was provided by Hugh Rice (Philosophy).
The initial planning of the project and the analysis of suitable technical
solutions was carried out by Paul Trafford (ACDT) and Sarah Porter (ACDT).
ACDT are very grateful to Christian Gottschall at the Department of
Philosophy at Vienna University for sharing with us during the early stages
of the project his expertise in developing computer applications for
teaching logic.

The Tableau 3 software was developed by Nik Roberts (external consultant),
with input and testing from Hugh Rice and Paul Trafford. Development of the
software was made possible by funding from the Literae Humaniores

The web pages were developed by Martin Rhys Jones
(University of Sheffield) as part of his MSc in Information Systems.
Further development of the web site, graphic design and implementation was carried out
by Kate Lindsay (ACDT), with additional input from Paul Trafford and Sophie
Clarke (ACDT).

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